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Poly Urethane Veneer Holder.

Sold By: KJR

Your maximum security for your veneers. You’ll be able to carry and ship and also manipulate your hyper-delicate veneers in the highest conditions of security which is made of Sticky Polyurethane Gel-Pad and Secure Membrane-Frame.
I. Sticky Polyurethane Gel-Pad
➢ The base of veneerME box is covered with a sticky pad out of polyurethane gel
➢ Veneers are placed on this pad on their buccal surface, and adhere naturally.
➢ All the preparation process of the internal part of the veneer (acid etching, silanization) can be done in this position without any fear of a veneer escaping or falling on the floor.
➢ The pad’s material is super resistant and can be re-used several times (it is easily replaceable in case of deterioration)
II. Secure Membrane-Frame
➢ Once the veneers are secured on the pad, the membrane-frame is clipped on the base of veneerME box for extra fixation.
➢ The xx-thin membrane, made out of nylon, delicately adapts to the shape of the veneers.
➢ With this done, you just need to close the lid and your master work is ready for delivery.
➢ The membrane-frame can be replaced -if needed- after having been used several times.


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