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Dental Practice is called Dental Practice precisely because we are continually practicing to become better than we do. No matter how talented you are in your craft, you really still don’t know everything…no one really does. That’s why as a dentist one needs to continuously update one’s knowledge and ability to provide better dental service to one’s patients. More…

Jean Galindez DMD

DMD Center ReBORN”

As they say, the only things in life that remains constant is change. DMD Center is going through a lot of changes and soon will be reborn with a different URL, a new format and a lot more benefits for my colleagues on the dental profession. This used to be just a one woman show where I share my knowledge to the public in regards to oral care, to my colleagues in regards to my tips and tricks in dental practice and a place where dental organization, chapters and other dental corporations can get in touch with me. But, now, it is fully evolving. To sustain its content and significance, I’m not anymore alone but we are a team, who will work together and assists me in creating an even more effective ways and means for all those in the dental profession be much better dentists to their patients after becoming a DMD Center member of our community.

Kindly allow me to express my gratitude as all of these changes wouldn’t be possible without the assistance and support of my family, friends, mentors, business partners, colleagues and, most of all,  my new team, Dr. Paul Abaya, Dr. Byan Anduiza, Jerome Santos and Mira Bugayong.  I sincerely hope that as DMD Center moves forward and be different, you will all still be there to give me and DMD Center your support to achieve  DMD Center’s goals…


See the video below and what’s to come.

Jean Galindez, DMD
Dentist &Speaker

Ways to Work With Me

Lectures and training should be part of your investment in your dental practice. On my part, as much as I want to share my humble knowledge for free, it does entails costs, so, in order for me to be able to do the training for free, then, I have to be sponsored by the companies who has me on retainer. Do take note that I DO NOT DO product presentations on lectures EXCEPT on hands-on training for this involves me to train you or your group on a particular use of a product or products. Although, I often wonder why most dentists shy away from product presentations when this is exactly what we need to know what’s best to use and maximize these in our practice. Anyway, I am a member of the PDA Speaker’s Bureau, thus, any local training or lectures, your dental chapter can request for a continuing education credit on your behalf. For security reasons, please do register on my site to be able to have an account for bookings and schedule as well as access to future videos, webinars and podcasts being currently built for this site. It is FREE and just a few clicks away. I hope I would do get to meet you and we can share our knowledge together.

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