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We are a group of dental and business professionals who desire to make dental practice and oral health care better for both dentists and patients, respectively. We know and understand how challenging the practice of Dentistry is for the dental professionals and at the same time to have dental treatment for the patients. Thus, DMD cEnter aims to at least provide certain solutions to some of the major problems of dental health care and the industry as a whole. We aim to provide services through our mission of 4Cs:



Community Support


Wouldn't you like to have a community where you can come and visit and be able to support you? Have a real place where mutual benefits can be created? DMD cEnter aims to create such a community where we will work as a community and have a digital haven to go to when you crave for support and looking for opportunities to learn and earn.

Community Learning


Wouldn't you like to have a community where you can learn new things? Open your mind to endless possibilities? Where learning is of value that we invest in and appreciate the people who share their knowledge to us? DMD cEnter would like to achieve a mindset that education is not about CPD, it is not about getting it for free and it is not about dictating what we can and can't know. It is about investing on knowledge that's priceless and make us dentists truly for the service of our patients.

Right Choice


Would you like to have a sounding board before you make decisions? Get advice from the actual people who used or experienced it? Have the information to check if it is the right choice for you? DMD cEnter would like to provide those information to you from people who actually knows where you are coming from and from the source themselves, so, you can make the right choice for you.

Earn as a Community


How often do you recommend products to your friends? Have you ever earn from those suggestions? How often you share posts? Do you ever earn from those? Why can't we appreciate the people who provide us knowledge and information to make us better professionals by paying for their value yet we get offended if patients do the same to us? We may love things for free, but, we need to also learn how to appreciate the value of each other's services. DMD cEnter believes both value for one's money and at the same time the right compensation of one's work. Thus, it intends to give products and services worthy of your buck. And, at the same time provide you the opportunity to earn.



Who Are We?

DMD cEnter would like to connect with you to share our vision and mission of what we hope our dental profession will be in the future. We would like it to grow and be better through continuous learning and education plus share opportunities for us to earn and grow in our profession.
Here's messages from some of our team:

Dr. Jean Villanueva

CEO, DMD cEnter

She is a graduate of CEU and have been in practice for more than 30 years. She's been a part of all aspects of the dental industry as distributor, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur and most of all, as a dentist.

DMD cEnter started as my own personal blog to showcase what I’ve experienced and learned along the way in my professional career. I built it from scratch and everything in it. And, then, it surprisingly grew from the support of my dear colleagues and friends who have been my ending support along the way in building my work as a dentist, consultant and speaker. Thus, now, I want to give back and make this more than just about me. I want DMD cEnter to have a more definitive purpose that’s beneficial to all and not just for dentists, but, everyone in the dental community. This ambitious undertaking to make changes for the better in the practice of Dentistry is not an easy road to take. I have to squeeze my way through the eye of a needle and still ongoing, however, with the help and blessings of my Papa Lord and the people who do believe in me, I hope I will be successful in fulfilling my vision for DMD cEnter. A vision of having a community willing to share the big pie in learning and earning to uplift our profession. And, make our dental practice world class in standard of truly giving the best service to our patients. May we all truly learn the 4Cs of DMD cEnter for a much supportive and selfless community that can CREATE greater things that will benefit all, CONNECT well with each other and value what’s truly important in life, COMMUNICATE clearly our message so we can all live in harmony and joy as we practice our profession and COLLABORATE to bring and share more opportunities to live better.

I sincerely invite everyone, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and staff, dental distributors and manufacturers, dental laboratories, dental diagnostics and patients to be an active participant of the DMD cEnter. Let’s make this community vibrant and worthwhile your time and investment and make this a one stop place that’s everything about dental. Thank you very much.


I see DMD cEnter as an online place for dentists, dental students and all dental related personnel to explore, improve, and maximize their dental knowledge to its full extent - have a guiding place where learning never ends. Education is such a powerful tool wherein we can be a part of towards the improvement of professionals to be better than they are now and have deeper appreciation of the importance of treating our patients in the best possible ways we know how. I believe that the future of DMD cEnter will be a community which aims to improve the skills of every dental practitioners may it be in social, intellectual, and in business area. Dentists spend most of their time in the clinic, leaving them with less time in learning or refreshing their knowledge that may help them improve their practice. Thus, with DMD cEnter providing us a secure environment to learn, earn and be with our colleagues will create a safe community for all of us to have an opportunity to be the best of who we are as professionals. Thank you for the support and hope you'll be a part of us to achieve these goals.

Dr. Bryan Anduiza

Educational Director, DMD cEnter

He is a graduate of CEU and have been in practice for more than 6 years. He's been a consultant and speaker of a local distributor, Dental Domain; Key Opinion Leader of edelweiss Dentistry and Ultradent and a booming private practice in a business area in Makati.



How Can We Communicate?

DMD cEnter have many plans as we develop one step at a time on how we can communicate with each other. One of our ways will be our free live webinars from local and international speakers who are willing to share their knowledge with all of us. We will also offer master classes that will specifically train us to review, renew and improve for the better our skills and techniques as a dentist. We will also posts articles and information that is relevant to our dental practice as well as guide all of us about the dental materials and equipment that will assists us better in the implementation of our dental treatments. You may also contact us directly for support in any of our social network, contact page and soon a support ticketing system. We hope that through time DMD cEnter will clear the path of better communication in our community.


How Can We Collaborate?

DMD cEnter would like to collaborate with dentists who would like to share their dental cases, written dental articles and posts, training skills to teach and other ways and means to provide information to the dental community for growth in our profession. We would also like to collaborate with dental manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, diagnostics and other Companies that have something to offer to make us provide better dental services to our patients. We are open for any opportunities that gives value to our DMD cEnter members. You may contact us directly if you are interested to collaborate with us at contact_us@dmd.center


  Mind blowing course indeed...

and, because of DMD cEnter, I am able to find the
right training according to my preferences.

Judith Del Rosario Yap

St.Clare Dental Clinic | Exceldent
Dr. Judith Yap
Dr. Ceed Torres

  Very Informative Topics

Looking forward to reading the many informative blogs and vlogs through Usapang Dentista & Dental Life Channels. Thank you, DMD cEnter.


Dentist, Torres 1 Dental Clinic

  There's an advantage of doing things online and through DMD cEnter

I don’t need to worry to set up a website or a social
network page to deal with my initial screening and consultation.


Dentist, Torres 1 Dental Clinic
Rex Villarina
Dr. Karla Obligacion

  Impressive and Encouraging!

Thank you DMD cEnter through Dr. Jean and our mentor, Dr. Ivona Igerc!

Dr. Karla Obligacion

Doktor Smiles Dental Clinic

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