BlanQuest Teeth Whitening Kit


A perfect option for individuals looking for a safe, effective, and simple-to-use at-home whitening treatment.

Sold By: KJR

It is a professional alternative that can deliver powerful results while also perfect for follow-up and maintenance purposes in an inexpensive manner. The BlanQuest Home features a gentle 6% H2O2 formula for noticeable whiter smiles.

➢ Only 30 minutes a day.
➢ Optimum whitening results within 2 weeks
➢ EVA or thermoforming material included for personalized tray development
➢ Includes GloboDent Remineralizing Gel, proven to strengthen and remineralize dental enamel while decreasing risks of tooth sensitivity, for a comfortable treatment.
➢ Delicious Mint flavors


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