Tor VM Sectional Contoured Matrices


Contoured Sectional Matrices.

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TOR VM dental matrix models are characterised by being anatomically preformed, due to their sectional contoured shapes.
➢ These are 35 µm (0.035mm) hard type matrices, available in different sizes including: small with flange, small without flange, large with flange, large without flange, medium with flange and medium without flange.
➢ These 0.035mm thick matrices are suitable for large restorations in the subgingival area.
➢ Characteristics of sectional contoured metal matrices:
➢ Sectional contoured matrices.
➢ Anatomically preformed.
➢ Type of matrix: Hard 35 µm (0.035 mm).
➢ Available with and without flange.
➢ Available in different sizes: small, medium and large
➢ Made of stainless steel.
➢ Easy to install.
➢ Model: Small with flange.
➢ Available Packaging: Box with 50 units.


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