Tor VM Polishing Disc 80 pcs w/ Mandrel


Complete universal set of dental polishing discs for polishing restorations.

Sold By: Lead Dent

➢ Part of the TOR VM dental polishing disc kits is the TOR VM universal polishing disc kit. It is characterized by the fact that it is the most complete, consisting of 80 dental polishing discs of four different abrasive grades: coarse (blue), medium (green), fine (yellow) and superfine (white), and a branded Pop-On dental mandrel.

It should be noted that the diameters vary, including 12 mm and 14 mm. So 40 polishing discs of 12 mm and 40 polishing discs of 14 mm. These maintain their colour identification to ensure a safe choice for each step of composite finishing and polishing.

Features of the Dental Abrasive Polishing Discs Kit:
➢ Assortment of dental abrasive discs for polishing.
➢ Available in 12 mm and 14 mm diameter.
➢ They are identified by their colors.
➢ Includes four dental discs with different degrees of abrasiveness: coarse (blue), medium (green), fine (yellow) and superfine (white).

Contents: 1 box with 80 units (40 units of 12 mm and 40 units of 14 mm) and one dental mandrel.


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