Tor VM Finishing | Polishing Strip


Designed for finishing and polishing on tooth surfaces, especially composites.

Sold By: Lead Dent

Each dental strip is composed of two-segment abrasive layers that differ in thickness and colour to ensure they are used appropriately for each clinical dental case.
➢ There are three available types:
(a) Coarse (coarse-medium), is used for coarse reduction, such as removal of excess material.
(b) Medium (fine - medium) is used for dental contouring
(c) Fine (fine - superfine) is used for polishing.

➢ Characteristics of polishing strips fro dental finishing:
(a) Dental strips for finishing and polishing.

(b) In different thicknesses and colours.

(c) Composed of two-segment abrasive layers.

(d) Available in three types: for rough reduction, contouring and tooth polishing.
(e) Model: Coarse (coarse-medium), suitable for coarse reduction, such as removing excess material. Blue and green.

➢ Contents: 1 box with 25 units.

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