Tor VM Wooden Wedge


Assortment of wooden dental wedges from TOR VM.

Sold By: Lead Dent

TOR VR wooden wedges are made of maple wood and designed with an anatomical shape to facilitate insertion and adapt to the interdental morphology. It also features a color coding system to identify their sizes and facilitate a more accurate selection. The company also offers two types of kits: 4 types containing 200 units and 6 types containing 400 units of interdental wedges.
Features of Wooden dental wedge kit:
➢ Assortment of wooden dental wedges.

➢ They are anatomically shaped.

➢ Kit of 4 types or 6 types.

➢ Made of maple wood.

➢ Color-coded where sizes vary.

Available Packaging: 200 units and 400 units.
Model: Kit of 4 types. 1 Box with 200 units
Color: White, Yellow, Blue and Pink Wooden Dental Wedges


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