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This is Facial Aesthetics in Dental Applications Foundation Online Video Lecture Training Program which afterwards you can proceed to get the Facial Aesthetics in Dental Applications Foundation Workshop Training Program and proceed to Facial Aesthetics in Dental Applications Advance Training Programs (Part 3 & 4) to complete your training. Through DMD cEnter’s Dental Enhancement Skill Class (DESC) you will have a lot of choices on how to do this program at your own pace, time and budget. Once you finished both the Lecture Video Course + Workshop, you are now qualified to do the Advance Training Program. Upon completion of all Parts 1-4, you will be entitled to receive the UK Dental Certification through the Academy of Face Design in UK.

TIP: If you are decided to complete all programs, then, get the Facial Aesthetics in Dental Applications Full Training Program. You will save a lot on its price than individually purchasing the programs.

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Learn and Study the basics first. It is called a Foundation Program precisely because having an excellent foundation when you start building a new field to study, it is crucial You will be able to learn the following:

I. Review and Re-Learn Facial Anatomy
II. Basic Foundation of Botulinum Toxin
III. Basic Foundation of Fillers
IV. Clinical Applications
V. Other Necessary Information & Support for Implementation

If you chose the Complete Program (Lecture Videos Access + Workshop), this is the part of the Workshop after accomplishing your Foundation Lecture Program Video Course and pass the examinations, you can now schedule your workshop whether take the closest current schedule or pre-order it for the next schedule.

On this workshop, it will entail you to submit the screening video of your model patient/s for the following clinical cases prior to the date of Foundation Workshop. These are the following guidelines on the screening model patient video/s to be submitted at a specific deadline DMD cEnter will announce:

I. Your Model Patient/s (for every case)
(A) Chief Complaint
(B) Your initial diagnosis - upon completion of enrollment on this program, you will receive a guide for your medical history taking and consent forms. The consent forms will be both online via google form and PDF. Both must be filled up and for the PDF forms printed and signed by you and your patient/s to be submitted during the actual workshop.
(C) Your Treatment Plan - based on what you learned both from the foundation online video lectures

II. Pictures of the Patient
(A) Full Face
(B) Close Up Photo of the Problematic Area

The Required Cases that You will submit in video of your patient and you will be actually doing during the Foundation Workshop are the following:

I. Botulinum Toxin: GLABELLA


➢ Theses are the safest region for beginners to inject.

➢ You will learn by feeling and knowing the right depth, angle, assess location and position of injection.


➢ Meet Your Mentor: Dr. Ivona Igerc, a Periodontist and a Dentist with more than 25 years of experience on this independent discipline, Facial Aesthetics. She has a growing and successful private practice in London and the CEO and Founder of the Academy of Face Design.

➢ Get this Part 1 (lecture) & 2 (workshop) as pre-requisites to achieve a UK Facial Aesthetics Certification via Academy of Face Design after completing the Full Facial Aesthetics Program in which the Advance Workshop will be its last step.

➢ Get 8 UK Dental Board CPD (Lecture Only) that can be applied as self-directed units in your country.

➢ Get 16 UK Dental Board CE points with Complete Advance Program (Lecture + Workshop) that can be applied as self-directed units in your country.

➢ Have a 12-month access on the Foundation Lecture Video Course. And, flexible to extend if you need more time.

➢ The access to the modules are immediate after you process and successfully pay the enrollment fee.

➢ Do the actual clinical cases mentioned above if you enrolled with a workshop.

➢ Excellent support from your mentor and DMD cEnter.

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