Cerkamed Blue Etch 50 ml

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Dental Etchant

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➢ BLUE ETCH product is used for etching dentine and enamel prior to composites, fissures and cavity seals.
➢ Product is considered by the dentists and orthodontists to be the best Polish etching gel, winner of many awards and prizes on different exhibitions and dental fairs.
➢ Properties of BLUE ETCH:
➢ Reaction between o-phosphoric acid and mineral components of the tooth causes matt enamel and increasing of adhesiveness
➢ Perfect gel consistency and thixotropic properties (gel becomes fluid during applying and coagulates just after application)
➢ Does not flow from the surface and narrow edges of enamel
➢ Very good adhesion to enamel
➢ Easy to rinse
➢ Blue color enables precision apply and control during application and etching


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