Calcipast +I


Calcium – hydroxide paste with iodoform.

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CALCIPAST+I is intended for use in dental treatment as a material for temporary root canal fillings.


➢ Calcium hydroxide, iodoform, barium sulfate, excipients

Properties of CALCIPAST + I

➢ Form of non-hardening paste
➢ Remineralizing effect
➢ Product supports restoration of damaged periapical tissues
➢ Contains iodoform, which increases the drying effect in the canal
➢ It contains barium sulphate what makes the product extremely radiopaque
➢ pH≈11
➢ Easy application
➢ Ergonomic syringe

Handling of the Product





1. Put the supplied applicator in spirit before use, then install the applicator on the product syringe (ethyl alcohol)
2. Prepare the canal mechanically using materials for chemo-mechanical preparation (ENDO-SOLUTION, ENDO-PREP) (picture 1), rinse copiously (CHLORAXID) (picture 2) and dry the canal (for example with CANAL CLEAN).
3. To dry the root canal thoroughly use Endo-aspirator and paper points (picture 3)
4. Measure the canal length , adjust the endostop on the applicator to the length 2-3 mm shorter than the measured canal length, insert the paste into the canal, remove the excess of the paste from the canal, close the cavity securely (for example with Total Blend). Leave the filling in the cavity for a period of 1 week up to 30 days (picture 4).


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