Cerkamed Endo Top Needles


Endo Irrigating Needle

Sold By: Lead Dent

➢ Close-ended, rounded tip of the needles guarantees safety of use and reduces the risk of accidental tissue damage
➢ Accurately selected size and location of side hole:
➢ Eliminates the possibility of extrusion of the irrigant beyond the apical foramina of tooth
➢ Forces turbulent flow of the liquid in the canal which ensures perfect irrigation
➢ Spreads the flow of the liquid which wets relatively big surface
➢ Flexibility and repeated bending resistant, thanks to which:
➢ The needles can be adapted to curved root canals
➢ Enables rinsing gingival pockets located in hard to reach spaces in patient’s oral cavity
➢ For Rinsing of:
➢ Root canals
➢ Gingival pockets
Available Package: Box of 100 pcs
Metric Designation of Measurements: 0,3 x 25


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