Doing Tooth Whitening the Proper Way

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1. Your Complete Guide and Information About Tooth Whitening Facts for Your Patients can be Found Here:


The top most reason why Tooth Whitening fails in the eyes of your patients is because we didn't reach the expectations of our patients. We tend to promise a lot of things of what Tooth Whitening can do, that most of the time unrealistic results are expected to be the outcome and they don't materialized. I found that sticking to the facts rather than the hype is the best way to go, so, our patients will be more impressed with the results when the results are greater than what they've expected to happen.

2. This is NOT a paid advertising. DMD Center did not earn monetary value from this. The companies involved whom I am good friends with, generously agreed to my proposal to provide informative content for DMD Center members.


Dr. Jean Galindez previously became the COO and consultant of Dental Domain Corp. She became friends with the current owners and the entire staff. Thus, Dental Domain Corp, under the leadership of Ms. Audrey Reyes, was more than willing to provide Dr. Jean the materials to be used in the Tooth Whitening Treatment.

On the video, Dr. Jean will be treating Mr. Jerico Baliza, above 40 year old male, a marketing manager, and had a yellowish teeth due to age with a slightly lighter shade on the 2 Upper Central Incisors. His main chief complaint was not actually the color of his teeth but the crowding and relapse of his orthodontic treatment when he was young. Tooth Whitening is a part of his treatment prior to his final treatment of doing non-invasive pre-formed veneer to address his chief complaint. As the pre-formed veneers that will be used for his final treatment are translucent and very thin, the actual shade of his teeth will definitely reflect and will be the end shade once the pre-formed veneers are installed. Dr. Jean and Jerico wanted to achieve a natural look, so, even the shade of the composite resin that will be used in the cementation of the pre-formed veneers will be translucent. In order to achieve this, the natural teeth must be whitened first. It is ideal to do Tooth Whitening at least 30 days prior to his veneer treatment, so, the hydrogen peroxide (active ingredient of the Tooth Whitening material) have already evaporated from the teeth and will not inhibit the bonding that will be one of the steps in the installation of the veneer. Moreover, the actual shade of the teeth can be seen 14 days after the last day of application of the tooth whitening materials, so, there's time to evaluate whether the value of the teeth achieved after whitening treatment already satisfies the patient.

On this video, you will see how in-office tooth whitening is done with Opal Boost as the material used that does not require the use of light. Dr. Jean will be discussing the 2 ways of using this, tips and tricks and the best methods in order to avoid tooth sensitivity and have a successful result that can lasts at least a minimum of 2-5 years with maintenance.

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Ultradent's Tooth Whitening materials with the brand name, Opalescence, has been the gold standard when it comes to tooth whitening. Opalescence success when it comes to providing an effective and consistent result is the reason why Dr. Jean has been using this brand for more than 18 years she's been doing and teaching tooth whitening. Thus, it is only given that she uses this material on this video. She has tried a lot of tooth whitening brands, and, although, some of it she also likes and found effective, she decided to use this brand on this video for reliability.


1. Tooth Whitening can be done at any age but Dr. Jean recommends 14 years old and above.

2. Tooth Whitening treatment may require additional materials after the treatment such as to address tooth sensitivity and for maintenance like whitening toothpaste.


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