One Secret to Prevent Dental Caries

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This is NOT a PAID Advertising. This is to provide dental practitioners more information about probiotics and its benefits it can give to our patients.

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Mr. Roche Ruiz is a man of many talents. A graduate of Colegio De San Juan De Letran in Marketing and did a Masteral Degree at University of Perpetual Help, he established himself into various business enterprise that's related in the medical and dental field. Although, he is not a doctor, he's married to a successful dentist with a dental practice in Paranaque, Dr.Kristine Joy Ruiz. As he is already surrounded by relatives who are in the health services besides his wife, he applied his acumen in Marketing on this field and slowly build a mark in both medical and dental services. He is currently the CEO of KJR Dental Center, Inc and distributes dental materials such as brands like Smile Line and Probio Medcare.

On the video, I was able to interview Mr. Ruiz about one method wherein dentists can have a way to prevent dental caries and treat gingival diseases in a more atraumatic approach, by utilizing positive organisms to fight the negative ones. Indeed simplification of  certain treatments have been  in our midst for a long time but, we have a tendency to avoid what's simple. Both medical and dental practitioners tend to sometimes complicate matters when there are alternative viable approach because often times we are held back by what we are used to do and traditional ways we are comfortable with due to predictability of their results. This is not bad in any way, however, science is an ever changing field and we should be open and learn more about the changes it brings to our table especially choices in our way to do our treatment.

I am a believer of learning and improving ones craft. So, I'm honored to interview a man like Mr. Ruiz who definitely knows his way about using probiotics in preventing dental caries and its other usage in the dental field.  Learn more how you can use probiotics in your dental practice and make things simpler for you and for your patient.


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ProlacSan is the name of the probiotic treatment that we can use in our dental clinic. With the benefits that these kind of products can bring, we can control the dental flora without any effect on the teeth such as the possible appearance of stains. This type of treatment is quite amazing in its simplicity because what it does is just selectively inhibits pathogenic bacteria, providing a large number of microorganisms such as lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus brevis be present in the oral environment that's beneficial for oral health . In addition, celiac patients can also benefit from this procedure, since ProlacSan is gluten free.

When patients undergo our antibiotic treatment, their oral health diminishes because many of these drugs end the oral flora, exposing the teeth and gums to the development of side effects. ProlacSan, as a probiotic, can greatly reinforces the dental flora of these patients, through natural probiotics, thus, provide balance and support to oral environment making it more effective in addressing certain dental conditions in comparison to antibiotics.


1. DMD Center encourage you as practitioners to watch in full the video provided to learn more about probiotics in general and for dental use.

2. Learning more about probiotics will enable you as a dentist if this a treatment that you can use in your practice and be beneficial to your patients.

At the end of the day, "Knowledge is power". Learn more to Decide Better.


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3. Apply in your dental practice what you learn from here.

That's it. Happy learning!!!

Thank you.



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