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This is NOT a PAID Advertising. This is to provide dental practitioners more information and my review about the edelweiss Virustatic Face Shield Mask. However, let me declare that I am currently a consultant of edelweiss Dentistry and the virustatic face shield mask sample was provided to me for free. This is to negate any implication of bias or conflict of interest as I share my initial review.


This is my initial take when I received my very first edelweiss Virustatic Face Shield Mask. This is the unwrapping and just my first take on what I observed on the product. After this video was filmed, I have used it already outside my home and with people around and near me. I have not used it yet doing an aerosol generating dental procedure as I have not gone back to dental practice yet. Here are my additional review:
1. As it is snungly fit, it presses into my nose and can get wet with my saliva as I talk while wearing it. However, it's quite quick dry if it doesn't get wet thoroughly. On my second use, I place a facial tissue on my mouth, so, it won't get as wet while I talk.
2. It doesn't smell on the inner layer after prolonged use unlike any typical face mask when it gets wet with saliva.
3. I'm claustrophobic, so, it took me some time to breath normally.
4. As it is a fabric, I recommend one should use a face shield when doing an aerosol-generating dental procedure. It doesn't mean if it gets wet you'll lose its protection as the protection is impregnated on the fabric itself, but, I prefer for it not to be wet to protect the degradation of its layered protection as it maybe considered as a wash if it gets thoroughly wet.
5. It is best to tuck-in ones hair underneath it if not wearing a head cap and if not wearing a loupe or eye wear to extend it to cover ones ears so it won't easily roll after it get slightly loose due to frequent stretching done due to donning and doffing it.
6. You can easily breath without folding into a double layer.
7. If you are buying it from edelweiss' distributors in your country, it maybe deemed as pricey. However, as the mask can be used up to 3 months (50 hours/use and up to 10x wash only), if you will multiply the # of N95 face mask with single use for 3 months, this may end up at the same price. Thus, the same in terms of price.

Dentists and other healthcare workers and even the general public are now dealing with the new norm and trying to protect themselves from contracting CoVid-19 virus as they go back to practice their dental profession, health services and their own profession, respectively. Thus, the choice of what to use for the right PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) becomes critical especially the face mask. I am a speaker and dentist, who tackles the subject of infection control for more than 18 years in my lectures, so, I checked out one of the face masks being sold in the market, the edelweiss Virustatic face shield. The edelweiss virustatic face shield has nothing to do with filtrating the virus or the bacteria but instead kills virus such as the coronavirus like CoVid-19 virus upon contact by damaging its envelope that protects it.

It is important to know that whatever face mask one uses including edelweiss Virustatic face shield, one must follow the manufacturer’s instruction and the proper donning (wearing) and doffing (removing) of PPEs like face mask.

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1. Always wash your hands or hand sanitize your hands wearing gloves thoroughly during the donning and doffing of any face mask.
- In donning the edelweiss Virustatic face shield mask, especially for re-use without washing it, it is best to bunch or roll it like a sock, and pull it down up to your neck and stretch it without the outer layer touching your face as you position it.
2. Re-use ONLY face mask IF indicated as Re-useable. IF NOT, never re-use.
- For edelweiss Virustatic face shield mask, it can be use for up to 50 hours/use and can be hand wash 10x with warm water only without detergent.
3. In doffing any face mask NEVER touch the front area of the face mask with your properly washed hands or hand sanitized gloves.
- For edelweiss Virustatic face shield mask, hold the inner edge of the edelweiss Virustatic face shield mask stretch to pull it up without the outer layer touching your face.


  • Up to 98 % Antiviral
  • 360 degree protection
  • Reusable / Hand washable
  • Easy to breathe through
  • Easy to fit and wear
  • Suitable for all faces/beards
  • Child friendly
  • Non-hazardous on disposal
  • Lightweight
  • No fogging of glasses or loupes


1. Ensure a snug fit. Rolling or pinning the Virustatic Shield will not reduce its effectiveness and can be achieved with non piercing accessorises
2. Virustatic Shield’s protein coating works in both directions. So it doesn’t reduce the antiviral effect if you wear it inside out.
3. It’s fine to fold Virustatic Shield, as long as you cover your nose, mouth and ears. In fact, a double layer of the fabric increases the anti viral effect.
4. Prolonged wear without washing may result in the fabric becoming loose. Tightening with a non-sharp clip will support repeated wear and hand washing will help restore its original shape and fit.
5. 50 hours/use and hand wash 10x with warm water only. No need for detergent.


1. Never puncture the mask
2. You do not have to wash the shield after each wear but you should wash more frequently if the fabric becomes dirty.
3. Never dry on a radiator or in a tumble dryer or iron or dry clean. High temperatures can damage the antiviral coating and reduce its effectiveness.
4. Always buy original product.


DOWNLOAD: Click Here
edelweiss Virustatic Shield CE Mark
edelweiss Virustatic Science Fact Sheet


The choice on what to buy in regards to PPEs like face mask depends on its main function, where you intend it to use, how you use it, the quality of the product’s delivery of its main function, proper use and legitimacy of the product itself, so, it can provide you the best possible protection especially as you practice your own profession. There’s no 100% guarantees on any PPE’s because it will always be dependent on how exactly you use it according to the manufacturer’s claims and instructions, thus, always stick with the right protocols and instruction for higher level of protection


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  1. John Mark Reyes

    Doc, hello po. Just wanted to ask, how will we know if the mask is not effective anymore? I mean washing it 10X without soap…What if you have aexhasuted the 10X mark…Will it still be effective or you do have to purchase a new one?

    Lets face it po, we do want something to be used on and on and on…But up until when? Thank you very much and more power po =) Lastly, how much is the mask? and where can we order if ever po =) THank you again.

    • Jean Villanueva, DMD

      Doc, the effectiveness of the mask lies on its impregnated layer, thus, this layer on the cloth is the reason why you are protected. This means if you wash it already 10x with warm water, the mask is rendered useless. The fact is as long as the layer is intact the mask is actually clean. It is just in our head that we need to laundry it. So, by law in Austria, the manufacturer has to give certain guidelines, therefore, wash it only after 50 hours of use. Do NOT iron, autoclave, UVC or any application of heat. Protect that layer. If you destroyed that layer, it will be now just an ordinary cloth. In regards to the price, you need to contact Dental Domain as they are the official distributor. Thank you, doc, for the support and comment.


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