Alternative Preventive Method for Your Patient’s Periodontal Health

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1. Your Complete Guide and Information About Oral Irrigator in General can be Found Here:


This will provide you insights about what is actually oral irrigator,  its function and benefits to the result of our treatment and to the patient's oral health especially the periodontal condition. Different types of it, its maintenance and how you can offer this as an alternative or additional way to improve the oral hygiene of your patients. Moreover, this can be a good side business in your clinic that you can offer to your patients.

2. This is NOT a paid advertising. DMD Center did not earn monetary value on this. The companies involved whom I am good friends with, generously agreed to my proposal to provide informative content for DMD Center members.


DMD Center was lucky enough to be able to interview the CEO and President of Aquapick, Mr. Kevin Lee.  An innovator and a successful entrepreneur who established Aquapick in 2001 at a young age of 29. 18 years later, Aquapick became one of the fast growing business in the dental industry in South Korea with more than 50 global distributors around the world, including Fortress Dental Products located in the Philippines.  DMD Center felt Mr. Kevin Lee is one of the best people to interview and discuss the subject of oral hygiene and the different gadgets we can use to recommend to our patients as well as use them ourselves for our own oral hygiene. You will be surprise of the many simple tools and materials that are available in the market that we can familiarize ourselves with and share this information to our patients.

We are very grateful to Mr. Kevin Lee and the Aquapick staff for their hospitality during our visit to their beautiful and impressive office in Seoul. And, to Mr. Mike Balani of Fortress Dental Products for giving a special discount to all the members here in DMD Center who resides in the Philippines.

Just Click Here for the Promo Card to Avail Discount of Aquapick:


For members who are not from the Philippines, attached is a file for your local distributors in your country in South-East Asian Region.



The Company worked hard all these years to develop tools and gadgets that provides simple and easy solutions to oral care that's an additive but much more beneficial to our oral health by just mere brushing our teeth. In a competitive market, Aquapick gave a run for their competitor's money in terms of quality of their products at a reasonable cost.


1. Oral Irrigator is safe to use from children at 8 years old and above.

2. For Aquapick brand, it offers International Warranty.  And, it has earned safety certification of IPX 7 stability test, CE, K mark, and FDA as an electrical gadget or that runs in battery that's used with water.


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