5 Simplest Tips on How to Have a Very Good Rubber Impression

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This is NOT a paid advertising. DMD Center did not earn monetary value from this. The companies involved whom I am good friends with, generously agreed to my proposal to provide informative content for DMD Center members.


Dr. Rene Chito Fernando is a prominent dentist with a practice at Quezon City. He has been one of the consultants of Dent1st Corporation and lectures for Coltene USA for their various products. As an Aesthetic Dentist for a long time, he values the importance of providing his patients greatly satisfying results especially on indirect restorations, that's why he was generous enough to accept our invitation and be our resource person for this video to generously share his knowledge and experience when it comes to impression taking, one of the most critical steps for a successful fabrication of indirect restorations.

No successful dental treatment can be delivered without using quality or dependable products.  As DMD Center needs assistance on this matter, Dent1st Corporation under the management of Mr. Arvie Reyes has been generous enough to provide DMD Center the rubber impression materials we need for the demonstration.  What he provided is not just an ordinary rubber impression material but the very first A Silicone rubber impression material, President, that came out in the market in 1975.

Dental World Manila under the ownership of Dr. Malone Santos has been hospitable and gracious enough to allow us invade his beautiful clinic and interrupt his clinic's busy schedule to do the filming of this video.

DMD Center would also like to extend our deepest thanks to my co-host @FacialValue YouTube Channel, Mr. Jerico Baliza, who was very nice to give his time and allow us to use him as a model on this procedure.


 On this video, Dr. Chito will provide and show us Tips and Techniques on how to do a proper impression taking using rubber or silicone impression materials. I know all of you already know how to do this step and probably wouldn't appreciate much what we will mention here as you may consider them very basic knowledge, but, I always believe that in order for any dentist to be great at his/her craft no information is too small or too big. It is not bad to be reminded once in awhile. Moreover, I truly believe that in any informative video or lecture we watch and listen, there will be 1 that we will find new and can take away to use in our practice to make it even better.

The impression taken from this video will be used to fabricate the splint of Mr. Jerico Baliza to raise his bite. The splint will be fabricated at Zahn Art Dental Laboratory, Austria. This is in preparation for his final treatment that was done by Dr. Stephan Lampl in Smile Center, Austria last September 2019. We will feature this treatment as well soon here at DMD Center, so, watch out for it.


President rubber impression material currently reached its milestone in the development of high-precision dental impression materials. And, up to now considered to have the sovereign quality among its competitors.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of PRESIDENT, the first A-Silicone line has been relaunched under the new brand name PRESIDENT The Original with improved characteristics.

 New colors

The new, fresh colors of the PRESIDENT line provide a better contrast between wash and tray material and thus show more accurate detail readability.

New materials

The tray portfolio of new PRESIDENT contains beside the common materials two additional viscosities: MonoBody and putty super soft. With the line extension of the monophase material MonoBody, implant impressions can be done even more precisely. In addition, the new putty super soft is very smooth and easy to mix.

The new wash material portfolio of PRESIDENT offers beside light body and regular body one additional viscosity: Xtra light body

As indicated by the name, Xtra light body is a very fluid wash material which can be used to capture even marginal details as it flows into the narrowest areas without dripping from the tooth.

To Avail Discount on Items from Dent1st Corporation:

President Microsystem Light Body Promo
President Mono and Heavy Body Promo


1. Tooth Whitening can be done at any age but Dr. Jean recommends 14 years old and above.

2. Tooth Whitening treatment may require additional materials after the treatment such as to address tooth sensitivity and for maintenance like whitening toothpaste.


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That's it. Happy learning!!!

Thank you.



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