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Hi, I’m Dr. Jean Galindez. I am a Dentist & a Speaker. I help amazing dentists to be Even better practitioners By maximizing their talents To be the best they can be For their patients.

No matter how good we are in what we do, we need to have the desire to grow and learn more, so, we can truly reach our maximum potential to be the best of what we can be and do. Even I continue to study and train, so, the knowledge and expertise I can share to you, my colleagues, will be updated and currently relevant. So, it is my fervent hope that we will all be in continuous quest for knowledge to be best the we can be to our patients.

Knowledge & Attitude

I always believe that for anyone to be successful in life one must have the proper knowledge to do one’s goals in life and the right attitude to achieve success. It all sounds easy but it is a challenge for everyone because we are continuously bombarded with influences that may makes us believe otherwise to do what we love and passionate about. As dental practitioners we need to stay true to our professionalism and in really caring for our patients. And, this requires integrity, humility and desire to learn more so that we can give the best dental service to our patients. I humbly offer my services to you, my colleagues, to invite me in your further quest for knowledge. Book A Schedule For Me Now…

Professional Background

I have been in Industrial & Private Dental Practice as well other related dental business ventures for about   30  years.

Highlights Of My Career:

    • I solely concentrated my practice in Cosmetic or Aesthetic Dentistry for the last 22 years.
    • I am respected Local and International Speaker. I am one of the invited Filipino speakers at the Borneo Dental Congress 2011 and Foril X 2011 International Seminar & Dental Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia and recently, the only Filipino speaker invited to speak on an International event at Surabaya, Indonesia. And, just recently last March 2017 lectured at the Malaysian Dental Congress.
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    • I have already lectured in several Asian Countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, South Korea etc. on my field of expertise especially in the art of Tooth Whitening, Multi- Layering Technique, Indirect Restorations, Non or Minimal- Reduction Technique in Restoration, Marketing of Dental Practice, Infection Control and Basics in 3D Diagnostic Imaging.
    • I was one of the top graduates of my class in CEU College of Dentistry under University scholarship grant. Finished Continuing Education Certification at University of Illinois at Chicago in Advance Restorative Dentistry. Undergone continuing education training is several Asian countries and the US. Last August of 2012, I attended and finished a course training in CBCT and 3D Imaging in Nair Dental College in India. I am also a Dale Carnegie graduate class of 1988 and a self-taught web developer on the side.
    • I was the Founder, Past Managing Official Of DentPhix, Inc., and Dental Masters In Diagnostics. I also worked as Dental Consultant of Alphadent Corporation and COO and General Manager of Dental Domain, Corp., both handling top of the line Dental Products for 8 years, and later on became the Product Consultant of Various Dental Products.
    • Currently, the Regional Manager for Education and Sales of edelweiss Dentistry, Austria  and in private practice by appointment only.
    • I am a member of Philippine Dental Association and its Speaker’s Bureau, Makati Dental Chapter and Chicago Dental Society.

My Complete Bio and PRC ID can be Downloaded on this Link. And, Kindly e-mail me through my Contact Page for the password of the file:

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