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Root Canal Filling and Sealing Material

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SYNTEX Root canal sealer is intended for use as:
➢ Permanent root canal filling of the permanent teeth using gutta-percha  points.
➢ Permanent root canal filling of the permanent teeth using root  canal points.

The material can be used for all techniques of the root canal  sealing. It is perfect for thermic methods.

Properties of the Material:

Convenient, ready for use two component paste, dosed in the ratio 1:1, in dual syringe equipped with mixing tip.

➢ Minimal shrinkage and perfect product adhesion ensure hermetic tightness of canal filling
➢ Perfect comatibility
➢ Homogeneous structure
➢ Perfect radioopaque
➢ Optimal setting time
➢ Easy and fast application

Ingredients: Epoxy Resin, Amino Resin, Inorganic Filler, Calcium Tungstate, Excipients.
Availability: Syringe of 10 g of the preparation + mixing tip, mixing papers
Handling the Product:

The sealing paste SYNTEX comes in a syringe dispensing two pastes in  the ratio 1: 1.

Before the first use squeeze a small amount of product directly from the syringe to ensure even pastes dispensing and then place the mixing tip onto the syringe. Product mixing is possible as well without using any mixing tip. In order to do this, squeeze the pastes in the same ratio directly on the mixing paper and mix using any tool until obtaining the uniform color.

1. Prepare, rinse and dry the root canal prior to application.

2. Place a small amount of SYNTEX on the tip of Lentulo needle; slowly move Lentulo needle towards the apex at the lowest possible micro-engine speed. Remove Lentulo from the canal using the minimal engine speed.

3. It is possible to apply SYNTEX paste to a previously disinfected and dried point. Place it in the canal with a pumping movement. Additional points may be placed in the canal or it may be filled with the method of lateral or vertical condensation of gutta-percha.If pulp chamber is contaminated with the sealer it is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol to remove remains of non-polymerized preparation.

4. Product setting time is about 3 hours and it complies with the standard EN ISO 6876 Root canal sealing materials. Its shortening could result in polymerization shrinkage and finally cause leaking filling.If re-endo treatment is needed removing of the sealer is possible using CANAL CLEAN or METHYLENE CHLORIDE.


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