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Be equipped with the power of knowing exactly what to do to fight viruses indoors, so you can rest easy knowing your air is optimized for health and safety.
COVID-19 has forced people around the world to stay indoors. Good indoor air quality is now paramount for your own healthy and well-being.
Research has proven the correlation between air quality and the coronavirus. Utilizing air quality data within your home and workplace allows you to create the best possible environment to deactivate viruses.
With uHoo, you’ll be able to do exactly that – make better decisions about your health with the help of accurate air quality data.
How the uHoo Virus Index works
The uHoo Virus Index uses air quality data to provide you with actionable insights and tips to reduce virus risk. It is presented in an easy to understand score from 1 to 10.
1 to 3
Virus survival is low and the virus spreading in the air is unlikely.
4 to 6
Virus survival is moderate and the virus spreading in the air is possible but air quality poses little to almost no direct health risk for people who are usually not sensitive to air pollution. Sensitive people may experience health effects. More attention to air quality should be given and actions to improve air quality is recommended.
7 to 8
Virus survival is prolonged and likelihood of the virus spreading in the air is higher. Air quality poses some health risk. Critical assessment of your air quality is necessary and actions to improve air quality is required.
9 to 10
Virus survival is high and the virus spreading in the air is likely. Air quality would affect most people and actions to improve air quality is necessary


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