The Warmth of Calamba Dental Club

Location: Montevista Resort, Calamba, Laguna

Date: February 12

One of the things I love when I lecture is when the dentists don’t take everything too seriously. They can laugh at my silly jokes while they are learning…plus…of course…a Purple Oven cake as a gift doesn’t hurt except my waist…lol!!! Thank you to the Calamba Dental Club for graciously providing me another well spent hours of doing what I love.


The Warmth of San Pedro Dental Club

Location: Shakey’s Pacita Laguna

Date: February 17

The things that make it joyful for me to teach is when the audience are responsive and willing to learn. It makes it all worthwhile and even more rewarding if they will try and apply what they’ve learned in their practice and be successful at it. Then, I’ve finally achieved the biggest goal a speaker could ever have, influencing someone to be better…To the San Pedro Dental Club, my deepest gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your event. Salamat po and hope you indeed get to go home not only laughter but knowledge as well.
On a personal note, thank you, Dr. Ricky Gatbonton, for the very warm welcome and, of course, the added bonus of your gift, the yummy fusion of puto and siopao.