Being In The Queen of the South

Location: Parklane Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines
Date: December 8-9 2015

Every time I go to Cebu there’s some changes…Some makes my heart flutter and some makes me sad…However, the warmth of the Cebu Dentists have never change…I will always be grateful to all of you for making me feel special in the short stay I’ve been with you all since 3 years ago. This what’s my work worth it…even exhausted I’m truly happy. As always my colleagues have been very generous in being there to listen to my lecture and give me strength to do my best, so, you may all provide even better dental services to your patients. Thank you to Alfred Sartiga and his wife, Arlene for taking care of me well and to the Cebu Dental Society for making me smile in my every visit. Daghang Salamat po.