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This site is dedicated to all dental practitioners as well as patients to quest for more knowledge about dental treatments, diagnosis and, most especially, how to manipulate properly our materials and equipment. Contrary to the general idea that we only depend on our talent as professional, we all know that dental practitioners cannot render dental services and treatments without the use of our dental materials and equipment. Thus, it is truly critical that we all know what, how and when we will use our materials and equipment for a safe and effective treatment to our patients. I sincerely hope that in my own simple way I am able to improve the way we practice dentistry.

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Topics We Will Delve Into

Dental Diagnosis

Any treatment, materials and talent of a dentist are going to be effective without the right diagnosis. It all starts from here. More… 

Dental Treatment & Materials

Once proper diagnosis is accomplished, the right materials are required to render the correct treatment based. More… 

Dental Marketing

No matter how great a dentist is if nobody knows he or she is great, then, his or her talent will just go into waste. More… 

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