What People Are Saying

Mari Claire Dela Rosa, DMD

“It Was An Honor!”

It was an honor to have you as one of yesterday’s lecturers!!! You did it so well batchmate!!! What was so good about it was the wisdom you shared to make our days in our clinics more fulfilling… a positive attitude in our dental practices will ensure true success! keep it up Dr Jean Galindez!!! You do not only make us better as dentists but inspire us as well!!! Thank You!!! Sa uulitin!!!

Dr. Mari Claire Dela Rosa, President of Mandaluyong Chapter & Dentist

“I Get To Chill Out With Dr. Jean Galindez”

Enjoyed the lively talk with Dr. Jean Galindez for our 2nd San Pablo Laguna Scientific Seminar.

Dr. Jefferey Montoya Sumague, San Pablo Dentist

Jeffrey Montoya Sumague, DMD
Flor Enriquez, DMD


Inspiring lecture loud and clear, congrats… Well attended not boring, excellent.

Dr. Flor Enriquez, Dentistree Owner & Dentist

“It was Such a Privilege!”

It was such a privilege to have you as our guest speaker in APO! Thank you for your kind accommodation despite the short notice.. It was a truly excellent lecture content wise as well as the form…couldn’t be more clear and entertaining at the same time. Hope to have you back in the future Doc Jean.

Dr. Diana Dorothy Ang Lim, President of APO & Dentist

Diana Dorothy Ang Lim, DMD

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