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Are you tired and weary on how to sustain your dental practice especially at the midst of this pandemic? Are you wondering if it is even worth to practice? Don’t despair, think glass half-full than half-empty. Wonder how some businesses even flourish during this crisis? It is all about doing effective marketing and changing gears in the delivery of your dental service. And, your first step is to listen and learn for FREE to one of the masters in marketing dental practice…

Mr. Roche Ruiz, MBA

Quick & Easy Dental Marketing Boot Camp
with Mr. Roche Ruizgerc


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Mr. Roche Ruiz, MBA

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Mr. Roche P. Ruiz or “Roche” obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Perpetual Help College of Rizal, Las Pinas. He holds a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administion from Colegio De San Juan De Letran, Manila in Intramuros. Currently, he holds the position of President and CEO of KJR Dental Center Incorporated, Master Marketing Philippines and Philippine Advocates for Consultants and Trainers, Inc.. He is the Chief Lecturer/Father or DMP of Dental Marketing Philippines; Secretary General/Director of Kabuklod Foundation Incorporated/Kabuklod Credit Cooperative; Director of BHL - Bio Health Link, Singapore.

A marketing man through and through and loves it. In return to all his blessings such as being an author of several published articles in respectable dental journals here and abroad, wrote books, lecturer and business owner, he loves to generously share his knowledge with others especially dentists like his wife. His driving force is his family and the principles of application of marketing that has totally changed and enriched his life for the better.

About the Webinar

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Learn to reinvent yourself, rejuvenate your dental practice, adapt to the new norms and be good at it. If you are passionate about your profession, you owe it to yourself to find time and energy to join DMD cEnter and listen to Mr. Roche P. Ruiz, MBA the art of smashing the hindering challenges you are currently encountering in your dental practice now. Survive and succeed from the difficulties that’s in your way by knowing the how of doing it.

I. Have an idea of what more you can do to make your dental business visible even at the midst of our current challenging times.

II. Strategies to uplift your dental business in your community with minimal cost.

III. Provide you a different perspectives of the difference between what is professional and tasteful marketing VS actual ambulance chasing.


It lighted my puzzled perspectives in my dental business that became more perplexed because of CoVid pandemic. He got this passion to share which I find so rare during this challenging times.

Anne Faddoul, DMD

Dentist, Camus Dental Clinic

Imparting your experience and knowledge with us learners has been great experience (from the point of view of someone who is not a dentist), and, with your guidance, we only need to put into action the lessons you have shared.
Robert Sony Ibe

Representative, North Greenhills Dental Place

This 2020 has been a rough ride to the dental community. But, a big thanks to Sir Roche Ruiz, for opening up a bigger opportunity and a wider perspective for the field of Dentistry.
Elton Villa, DMD

Dentist, Ngipin Avenue Dental Clinic

I'm so grateful to our mentor as well as motivator, Sir Roche Ruiz, that really help us so much on how to improve the weak side of Dental Practice and to fully develop our marketing plans for the upcoming years.
Aydz Oraiz, DMD

Dentist, Oraiz Ortho Dental Clinic


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