"Is There Such Thing As Minimal Approach In Orthodontics?"

Preventive & Interceptive Type of Treatments is always the best approach in Dental Health. This is more Beneficial to the Patient at the end. Learn Effective Ways from Clinical Diagnosis, Treatment Planning up to Final Implementation on How to Use Different Appliances in Preventing or Intercepting Early Orthodontic Problems. Know How to Achieve & Perform Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics Effectively at Your Convenient Time & Location.  Be Amazed of How  Easy & Simple One can Perform this even IF you are a General Dentist & Never Used Any Orthodontic Appliance Before from one of the Most Qualified & Respectable Orthodontist from Alberto, Canada... 

Professor of Orthodontics and Biomedical Engineering
University of Alberta, Canada

About the Speaker

Dr. Tarek El-Bialy has one impressive CV if ever you are trying to find the best mentor to teach you more in your practice of Orthodontics. A graduate of Dentistry at Tanta University, Egypt in 1987, then, Masteral Degree in Orthodontics, M.Sc., Oral Sciences, College of Dentistry and PhD in Bioengineering at University of Illinois at Chicago. Moreover, have earned his Doctoral Degree at University of Bonn, Germany. He even has a Law Degree in 1994 that he studied concomitant with the MSc in Orthodontics at Tanta University, Egypt in 1994.

He continually educate himself further and became a speaker, author, and professor such as the following:

Invisalign Summits Speaker 2016 Las Vegas

➢2017 & 2018  EMEA, APAC

➢ Beta tester for Invisalign first and retrospective 3D study of MA.

➢ RCDC fellow and ABO Diplomate.

➢ Fellow, von Humboldt Foundation, Germany.

➢ 115 publications, 12 book chapters and three books.

He is currently a Professor at University of Alberta and has a private practice named, Sphinx Orthodontics at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


About “Early & Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment” Skill Class

 This is an in depth case presentation and discussion as well as hands on presentation how to manage different types of malocclusion as early as possible with simple and in expensive appliances. The course will provide cases of severe crowding, anterior and posterior cross bite, deep bite, open bite, class II and class III in early age and how to manage these cases without comprehensive appliances or extraction. This includes actual clinical videos on how to manage these appliances and much, much, much more.

Course Topics

I. Basis in Understanding Early & Interceptive Orthodontics 
➢ Introduction
➢ Clinical Cases: Problems with Extraction
➢ Haas Principle - The Mandible Situation for Predictable Result
➢ Growth Prediction
➢ Arch Form & Dimension
II. Arch Length Deficiency, Anterior Cross Bite
➢ Introduction and Arch Expansion to Correct Posterior Cross bite & Make Spaces for Crowded Teeth & Problems with Other Appliance
➢ Slow Palatal Expansion - Wilson Appliance and Its Advantages & Uses
➢ Cases with Severe Crowding Treated with Wilson Expansion Upper & Lower Arches
➢ Videos Hands on How to Do Lower and Upper Wires
➢ Clinical Cases of Severe Crowding Cases
➢ Conclusions
III. Posterior Cross Bite | Unilateral & Bilateral
➢ Bilateral Posterior Cross Bite Cases and Techniques
➢ Unilateral Posterior Cross Bite: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
➢ Hands-On Presentation
➢ Further Discussion
IV. Class II Impacted Teeth
➢ Introduction
A. AP Jaw Discrepancy - Class II
➢ Hands-On Presentation
B. Expansion in Class II Malocclusions
➢ Hands-On Presentation
C. Class III
D. Impacted Teeth
➢ Hands-On Presentation
E. Conclusion

Course Features


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1 Year Course Access & Support

➢ For 12 months you can continually access this course and review as much as you want

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Question & Answer

How does it work?

Once you check out and pay for the course, you will receive an email that will provide you access to the specified course. This access is open for 12 months from the time of your payment. You will also have access to DESC’s FB exclusive group for the specified DESC training you purchased. Once you are done with really training yourself through full participation of the digital class and submitting the requirements of the DESC’s speaker per requested during training, you will have access to download your certificate. Use the support provided by DESC well if you need clarification, questions or even suggestions, so, you are guided every step of the way. If you are ready…the last step is simply properly apply what you’ve learned at DMD cEnter to your practice or move forward to a more extensive education on this field.

Will I get a CPD units if I take this class?

There will be some classes that may offer CPD units and others don’t depending on the situation. But, generally, as of the moment, no. This is not because DMD cEnter doesn’t want to, but, because it involved certain steps we rather not get involved in as DMD cEnter is fully focused on dentists who truly wants to hone and/or learn new skills than getting this points. At the end of the day, we know that there are dentists who’ll attend the DESC’s training opportunities not because of CPD points, but, because they want to be truly better dentists to their patients.

Is this a preceptorship?

No. DESC as per what its name stands for, Dental Enhancement Skill Class, is simply that. This is not to give you a Masteral Degree, a PHD or any other certificates you received from available preceptorships offered out there in the market. Its intent is to really improve your skills as dentist and giving you the opportunity to do so at your comfort and convenience. We sometimes find our college days educational era maybe lacking or outdated or those free webinars maybe not really enough to teach you what you need to do these dental techniques, thus, DESC is giving you a training service format to do so.

Will I be able to already do it after attending the course?

No and Yes. There's no simple answer to this because for DMD cEnter we encouraged those who are beginners to do further study on this with the clinical and advance steps before you handle patients. However,  for those who are taking this as review and additional knowledge, but, already has experience on it, then, the answer is Yes. DMD cEnter's intent of offering this digital skill training is to build your basic knowledge first and see if this the field you want to pursue. We expect the participants of this skill training to do their diligence in studying the program; do an active participation on the exclusive Facebook Group of Dr. Tarke El-Bialy’s DESC to ask questions and provide information as well as share your opinions with your colleagues on that group and pass the examinations and assignments provided by your mentor. In general, DESC is your initiation to learn or improve what you already know as a dentist. We encourage all dentists to go further in their studies after attending one of DESC’s skill trainings if they want to be a full expert on a specified field of dentistry. After all, at the end of the day, education is a continuous process and great investment to us as professionals and with its proper implementation of what we learn will greatly benefit our patients.

Can I pay installment?

We want to provide one, but, the process will cost you more. We try very hard to be transparent and be honest in all our dealings as we are dentists ourselves, and, we fully understand our own financial challenges when we invest, thus, as much as we want to, we cannot simply increase the price of the skill training classes to cover the actual interest rate. We do suggest you avail it directly with your credit card, if installment is your preference of mode of payment, but, we cannot process it as of the moment within DMD cEnter.

Why VAT is not inclusive with the price?

One of the values of DMD cEnter is to imbibe trustworthy experience to our users and members with us. We don’t just speak of DMD cEnter’s values but we actually strive to apply them for real in our actions. VAT is a tax we need to pay our government and in turn, this can be credited when you pay your own taxes. This will greatly reduce your tax payment as required by law. We can make it inclusive to the price, but, this will again increase the ACTUAL DESC price which we want our colleagues to really see what they are truly paying for and whom they are paying for it.

Will there be live and actual demonstration of the DESC training?

Yes, hopefully, in the future when the pandemic is already over and globally, everyone is already safe to travel with not much hassle and extra cost. We will work to bring its clinical and advance trainings here in the Philippines in accordance to the requirements of the law for this further kind of training. So, for the meantime, we will do this foundation training digitally and use the current technology to make your initial introduction to Facial Aesthetics possible.

If I don’t like this course, can I request for a refund or cancel it?

Unfortunately, no. This is digital and once a client pays, access is automatically given to the DESC training. One can finish and use the service within a matter of hours or days. Thus, for fairness to DMD cEnter, the speakers and all those who work behind it, once you pay for it might as well just make the most out of it and use it to the fullest extent to benefit your professional practice.

Why get this training with DMD cEnter when there are others that offer them cheaper or free?

In a nutshell, DMD cEnter is created for dentists by dentists. We know exactly what you need and even if sometimes you may still find us lacking, we are currently and continuously working to make it better for you. Our mission is to uplift the practice of dentistry, but, at the same time truly have a dental community wherein we can all create, connect, communicate and collaborate whether in our own profession, business, education and opportunities. It is DMD cEnter’s dream that we can gather all dentists from the Philippines and, hopefully, later, globally, not only for us to benefit, but, all who trusted and support us which will be…You… our loyal members and our collaborative partners. We want you to appreciate that when you provide support, you also have a share of the pie in our success through learning and earning.

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